Corporate History

PT. Mindong Elektrindo (Dongfeng) was founded by the Company's Chairman, Mr. Chen Min-Xiang Jason in 1968. In the same year, Mr. Chen has introduced Dongfeng diesel engine from China to Jakarta, Indonesia. With Mr. Chen effort, our product's reliable performance and low price, we have received good reputation in Indonesia market.
In 2011, Dongfeng has occupied 60-70% of Indonesia Domestic Diesel engine market share.

Dongfeng Spirit (P.I.P.C.)

Corporate Mission

Business Principle and Philosophy

Competitive edge

Dongfeng Future
Starting from 2010, Dongfeng has come to a critical point of his development, in order to coherent with Indonesia Economic and domestic development, we have planned 3 main business targets for the coming 10 years. They are: